Monday, March 30, 2009

Tiny beaded purse charms

Here are two beaded purse
charms I made recently.

They are very tiny, made with size 11 beads.
They are made using the Peyote even-count stitch.

Before closing and sewing
them shut, I put a small
piece of plastic that I
recycled from a plastic box that held some Christmas tree lights.

The plastic is slightly rigid, so I rolled it into
a log-like piece and placed a small amount
of stuffing in it to make the purse a little more solid.

The picture with the quarter shows just
how small the charms are.


  1. Hey JudyKay. I miss talking to you. I would like you to email me at
    As soon as I get a computer I can visit again.
    I am fine,,better than fine. I will explain. Great blog!!!

  2. you are amazing! such tiny work! It looks great. but where do you put your mad money:) that purse is much too small for all your craft supply money.